Side-by-Side Tuition Comparison

8.002 Self-supporting and Market Tuition Rate Program and Course Offerings

Side-by-Side Tuition and Fees Comparison

Under the revised Florida Board of Governors’ (BOG) Regulation 8.002, all institutions of the State University System (SUS) of Florida are required to provide students with a side-by-side Tuition and Fee comparisons for continuing education programs. The Regulation stipulates that a comparison must be provided “If the self-supporting program is a track under an existing E&G program or has a similar existing E&G program…” Likewise, a comparison must be given “if the graduate-level market tuition rate program is a track under an E&G program or has a similar existing E&G program.”   Within this context, Education & General (E&G) is defined as State-appropriated funding used for general instruction, market rate, as a tuition rate competitively aligned with comparable programs in Florida and out-of-state and, lastly, self-supporting as programs that do not receive direct State subsidy (E&G funds) and cover all program costs by revenues generated by the program. Furthermore, universities are required to offer students detailed information concerning financial assistance options and the responsibilities associated with loan repayment (please refer to links under Side-by-Side tables). In addition, estimates regarding the Cost of Attendance are provided via FIU’s One Stop links.

To access the Side-by-Side Tuition and Fees Comparison tables, please refer to the information below. The Continuing Education unit has set up a user-friendly database query system to assist you in finding Side-by-Side Tuition and Fees comparisons. How do you start to navigate this tool?

Here are the steps to access the Side-by-Side Tuition and Fee comparisons:

  1. Click on the hyperlink to open the form or navigate through the tables below to access information.
  2. Select the academic program you are interested in pursuing.
  3. The information will display if a comparable program is available for your review.
  4. If you do not find any information regarding the program that you are interested in, please follow up with the respective academic unit.

Program Tuition and Fees Comparison