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Continuing Education (CE) at FIU offers a distinctive array of resources to simplify that important next step. With us as your education partner, achieving your goals is well within reach. CE serves diverse constituencies and provides excellence and value through its personal enrichment, academic and professional programs, both locally and globally.

Visit the websites below to learn more about non-credit programs. Contact their offices directly to request information and enroll.

University programs

Center for Leadership

Leadership development is our work and our passion. In 2019, and Leadership Excellence Magazine ranked the center #1 in competitive leadership development, beating out other Ivy League universities. Our programs are designed for individuals seeking leadership thought and practice at all levels.

English Language Institute

At the institute, our mission is to provide English language instruction to all individuals who chose English for academic or professional pursuits. We set standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural training to provide you with quality education.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The institute offers programming year-round for members of the community who are at least 50 years of age. Our mission is to promote continued personal growth and education throughout our later years. Come have coffee and converse with friends. Stay engaged with cultural events, tours and personal non-credit enrichment courses in diverse topics.

College of Arts, Sciences & Education

The college offers programs, workshops and conferences that will help teachers, parents and other community members build knowledge and skills. If you're in education or science and health, participate in the Advanced Placement Summer Institute or the Miami International Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference, and many more. If your passion is the environment, sign-up for a program on agroecology, botany or marine science. You can be part of the Aquarius Program, the world's only undersea research laboratory. Our scientists are at the cutting edge of research on coral reefs, ocean acidification, climate change, fisheries and the overall ocean health.

College of Business

Business Certificates

We believe that today's professionals, executives and organizations need to develop skills to gain a competitive edge in the global economy. Drawing upon a global network of faculty and practitioners, in addition to our own faculty, we offer short-term open enrollment programs in high-demand areas like human resources, Lean Six Sigma, risk management, cybersecurity, project management, and more. Customized training for companies and partner universities is available as well.

College of Engineering & Computing

Whether you're an alumni or a professional in the engineering or construction field, we offer the non-credit courses you need to enrich your professional or occupational skills in the fields of CTQP (Construction Training Qualification Program), temporary traffic control, Lean Six Sigma green belt and black belt, lean construction, supply chain management, and more.

College of Law

Legal Studies Institute

What makes the institute most unique is that classes are taught at the FIU College of Law. You will have access to the FIU Law Library along with current law students. Our distinguished faculty are legal professionals in the community including current and former judges, private practitioners, assistant state attorneys and public defenders. Students complete the program with sound legal knowledge, the ability to think critically and the proficiency to start a successful legal career.

Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs

Whether their interest is in politics and public policy or human rights and democratization, students at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs are committed to creating a better world. We equip them with the knowledge, experience and tools to do just that.

Jorge M. Pérez Metropolitan Center

The center is committed to providing high-quality programs at a reasonable cost to state agencies, local government, and non-profit organizations in South Florida. The center's applied research has served as the catalyst for major policy changes in areas such as housing, transportation and health services.

Strategic Language Institute

Develop your professional language skills, acquire cross-cultural competency and improve your career outlook with our state-of-the-art, intensive, business language courses in the U.S. government-designated strategic languages.

Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

The 2-day Cybersecurity Leadership and Strategy Executive certificate program teaches best practices on organizational structures, operative processes, and legal considerations in the prevention and management of cybersecurity in the workplace.

Center for Labor Research and Studies

The mission of the center is to develop knowledge about the changing nature of work, workers, and their organizations and to make that knowledge available to working men and women throughout the State of Florida.  The center achieves this by offering a variety of courses, research and educational services for workers, the community and their organizations based upon their needs.  The center serves students, faculty, and administrators throughout the state university system, as well as labor, business, community organizations, academics, policy markers, and journalists nationally and internationally through a series of diverse activities.