It’s Easier Than You Think

Congratulations on taking the next step to professional and personal growth!

Continuing Education (CE) at Florida International University offers a distinctive array of resources to simplify that important next step. With us as your education partner, achieving your goals is well within reach. CE serves diverse constituencies and provides excellence and value through its personal enrichment, academic and professional programs, both locally and globally.   In a knowledge-based society, professional development is key to career success and competitiveness.  With the instructional and academic resources of Florida International University and the innovative programming, capabilities and approaches we offer, it’s easier than you think.

We offer continuing education programs that can help you expand your education and build upon your skills in numerous fields.

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Our expert instructors and staff look forward to guiding and encouraging you throughout your training and educational experience – whether it is to pursue your own personal and professional success, empower and impact those around you, find your inspiration, or transform and create your own opportunities. Continuing education is the best way to help you reach your educational goals while increasing your marketability.

We’re Here to Provide Opportunity

The mission of Continuing Education at FIU is to maximize opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning programs to the local, national, and international community.

Engagement through CE is one of the university’s core value. FIUBeyondPossible 2020 Strategic Plan proposes great advances and innovations for FIU in the next five years, and one of its focus will be on strategic student growth in the areas of continuing education, executive education and non-credit certificate programs, among others.  In partnership with the academic, business and professional communities, CE broadens the access to continuing education learning opportunities to a diverse population, thus fostering enhanced career advancement, knowledge and skill, and the attainment of higher education.


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