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About the program

Do you find that people come to you and open up about things they may not normally talk about? Do you have a professional role in which mentoring has become a large focus of your day? Are you interested in building relationships and working with others to help them reach their own potential? Then, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of a future in coaching. Coaching is a $2 billion industry with proven success in delivering valuable results.

Participants who attend iPEC’s ICF-accredited Coach Training Program (CTP) are among the most skilled coaches in the world and are highly sought after for a variety of positions.

While traditional, action-based coaching methods often produce short-term results, iPEC’s Core Energy™ Coaching methodology focuses on delivering sustainable and lasting change by helping people transform the way they think and feel. You’ll be equipped with the skills, tools and techniques to dig deep for the underlying causes of your clients’ challenges and empower them to create the results they desire.

Through iPEC’s Coach Training Program, you’ll also receive coaching to experience the iPEC process first hand, and step more fully into your true and authentic self.

Research has shown that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times the initial investment. With corporate titans such as GE, Goldman Sachs, and Google now spending more than $1 billion annually on executive coaching in the U.S. alone, it’s clear that being trained in the professional skill set of coaching can pay huge dividends for you or your company.

Learning outcomes

  • Master the professional skill set of coaching, and gain the ability to coach anyone, on anything, at any time. Through iPEC’s transformative coaching process, you’ll help others shift perspectives and remove old habits, patterns, and blind spots so they can create the things they most want to experience in life.
  • Access specialty courses designed to help you connect with your ideal client, faster.
  • Learn to see, measure, and evaluate seemingly intangible concepts such as energy, mindset, and satisfaction with iPEC’s proprietary Energy Leadership™ methodology.
  • Become masterful in administering and debriefing iPEC’s Energy Leadership Assessment, which provides tangible research-backed return on investment data for any coaching relationship.
  • Round out your world class skill set with advanced COR.E Dynamics™ training, which allows you to shift your client’s energy (even) faster. You’ll also learn advanced tools for accelerating the growth of your coaching practice or other coaching endeavors.
  • Receive coach-specific training in the SCOPE™ assessment mobile app—a unique tool that gives clients feedback on their level of engagement and enthusiasm for producing a particular outcome before they act. Shift your client’s energy in minutes, anytime, anywhere, and see their results on your personal dashboard.


You must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for the Coach Training Program.

Who should attend?

Those who want to:

  • Rediscover their inner spark and create the next stage of their life with passion, purposefulness, and meaning
  • Create sustainable engagement in the workplace and step into the next level of professional leadership
  • Discover the freedom and flexibility to design their life as a full-time coach with the support of dynamic business tools, a strong coaching network, and expert guidance from a team dedicated to your success long after graduation

Individuals from all walks of life (college students, baby boomers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, just to name a few) participate and benefit from iPEC’s Coach Training Program.

Insider tip: While you might have thoughts about starting a coaching practice, initiating a culture shift in your organization, coaching high potentials, or enhancing your HR programs, these empowering tools and communication skills have the potential to positively impact every relationship in your life, creating the opportunity for endless ripples of positive change.

About iPEC


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