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In partnership with the Doral Chamber of Commerce, FIU StartUP and FIU’s Office of Continuing Education hosted a workshop/networking event on January 24th. Mr. Bob Hacker, director of FIU StartUp, spoke about 21st Century Technologies and what modern tools can best be used to grow our businesses.  FIU StartUp is a university-wide initiative that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over 50 participants, both from the community and FIU, were able to network with other entrepreneurs to learn and share best practices on entrepreneurship and innovation.

We want to thank the organizers, the speakers and the participants for making this event not only a great learning experience, but also a total success.

Manny Sarmiento, President Doral Chamber of Commerce

Manny Sarmiento, President Doral Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Jorge Zumaeta, Senior Director-FIU Office of Continuing Education


Ms. Mercedes Martha Ponce-Assistant Vice President FIU Office of Academic Planning and Accountability


Mr. Bob Hacker-Director FIU StartUp,

Some of the program participants: